about me

Angie Wai Ying Chan's (awyc) passion for the arts began with Saturday cartoons and colourful crayon doodles at the young age of 3. Always excited about sketching and drawing, she was determined to pursue design. This led her to take art lessons in which she later enrolled in the Visual Arts Arts York program of Unionville High School. She graduate with honours and the Visual Arts Award of Arts York of class 2008. She is dedicated to fashion and is currently studying fashion design at Ryerson University.

Art and design have always seem to be inseparable from who she identifies herself to be. Angie is a passionate believer in inspiring others and being inspired, whether in art,design or just in life. This has always been a key motivation and philosophy behind her works.

Angie has a strong eye for colour which is often reflected in her works. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with photoshop, catching up on trends and following design blogs and communities. She loves to paint, play with colour chips and doodle on her tablet. Angie is also passionate devotee of music.

Inspired by her design professor, she aspires to be a true 'designer'. Not one that is limited and specific to a domain, but a designer that participates in all areas of design. Angie believes in letting her passion for art and design overflow to all forms of design and in using her talents to the fullest to be an inspiration to others.